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Getting fit in middle age as beneficial as starting early – study

 The study found benefits in increasing exercise levels to about seven hours a week by the age of 40-61. Photograph: Juha Tuomi/Rex Getting active in midlife could be as good for you as starting young when it comes to reducing the

Enjoy the sun; avoid the burn as summer heats up

We’ve arrived at summer, so as we swing our golf clubs, cast our fishing rods, garden and do our farm chores, we need to keep care of our skin in mind, too. Sunburns can happen quickly to skin that’s been hiding under long-sleeved

Platelet-rich plasma shows promise as a hair loss treatment

Hair loss can be a source of negative body image issues and can dramatically alter our perception of a person. Many treatments claim to reverse hair loss, the most recent being platelet-rich plasma. The most common cause of hair loss in