A talented 60-year-old yoga fan has gained viral fame after a video emerged of the moment he drinks beer from his forehead without using his hands.

The clip was shared online by his step daughter Alyse Schiedler and shows the man balancing a pint of beer on his head.

He then slowly lowers himself to the floor before lifting up his legs and picking up the pint glass with his knees.

Amazingly, he then performs a backward roll until he is able to put the beer down on the carpet.

FacebookBeer Yoga
Skill: The 60-year-old shows off his impressive yoga talent in this amazing clip
FacebookBeer Yoga
Easy now: The man slowly lowers himself to the floor before drinking the beer

Finally, he leans towards the glass and picks it up with his mouth, before downing it in one go.

The video ends with the family cheering for their step dad as a woman in the background comments: “Best thanksgiving yet.”

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3340415/California-mother-convicted-killing-3-daughters.htmlBeer Yoga
Steady: The 60-year-old easily balances the pint glass without spilling a drop
FacebookBeer Yoga
Victory: The man manages to down the drink in one go with his hands behind his back

Alyse uploaded the epic video to Facebook, alongside the caption: “When your 60-year-old step dad bets you he can place a beer on his forehead and drink it without using his hands or ams…And he totally kills it.”