Camel Pose is great for relieving respiratory problems, anxiety and fatigue. It stretches the entire front of the body, strengthens the back and stimulates the abdominal organs.

HOW TO DO IT: Begin by kneeling with knees hip-width apart and thighs perpendicular to the floor. Rotate your thighs inward slightly. Rest the base of your palms on the top of your buttocks, fingers pointing down. Lengthen your tailbone by tilting your pelvis forward. Use your hands for support. Lift from your chest, pressing your shoulder blades against your back ribs. If you’re comfortable, reach back and rest your hands on your heels, fingers pointing toward your toes. For a variation, you may bring your hands up to Salutation Seal in front of your chest. Be careful to not compress the lower back. If you want added support, you may do this pose against a wall. Keep your head in a neutral position or allow it to drop back. Listen to your body. Be careful to not strain your neck or harden your throat. Hold for 30 seconds to a minute. Then bring your hands to the hip points at the front of your pelvis. Gently lift yourself back up by leading with your chest and pushing your hip points down toward the floor. Do not jerk your head forward as you return to the starting position. Rest in Child’s Pose a few breaths. Repeat. Remember to breathe.