Bow Pose helps relieve fatigue, anxiety and respiratory problems. It’s great for stretching the entire front of your body, strengthening your back and improving posture.


Begin by lying on your stomach with your hands by your sides, palms up. Bend your knees. During this pose, be sure to keep your knees within the width of your hips. Reach back and take ahold of your ankles.

Lift your heels and thighs up off the floor. Keep your back muscles relaxed as your chest and head begin to rise. Tilt your tailbone toward the floor and press your shoulder blades down against your back. Breathe into the lift.

Look forward, being careful to not compress your neck. Hold for 15 to 30 seconds, or as long as is comfortable for you. Gently return to starting position. Rest for a couple breaths and then repeat. Don’t forget to breathe!