Red-hot skincare tips to fight harsh winters
Red-hot skincare tips to fight harsh winters (Getty Images)

As winters approach, your skin becomes dry and flaky and it skin keeps on becoming more itchy and irritated as the temperature continues to drop. The most general winter skin grievances Dr Anup Dhir, Senior Consultant, Cosmetic Surgeon, Apollo Hospital, hears from his patients is dry skin or xerosis cutis. When the dryness becomes acute, it can spread into patches called eczema. Here is the list of things you should start doing to look radiant this winter.

Moisturize your skin: Right after a shower when your skin is damp, use face and body lotion. This the most effective time as it locks in essential moisture. Dr Dhir suggests applying lotion twice daily or as often as needed.

Hydrate your skin: Drink lots and lots of water, and your skin will soon enough have a healthy glow. Even herbal tea works wonders when it’s really chilly.

Exfoliate your skin: Give yourself a good body scrub and facial exfoliation which will help remove dead skin cells from your body. It is suggested that you do this once a week. This will surely make you feel fresh and your skin will be free from all the old dry cells.

Use humidifier: Put the moisture back in the by using a humidifier, which can be purchased from a local drug store. This additional moisture can help your skin stay supple and soft instead of dry and flaky.

Glove up: Simple as it sounds, this tip works wonders to retain the moisture of your hands. Use such a pair that won’t irritate your skin. Dr Dhir says that wearing them even for an hour or so can soften your skin.

Oil bath for your skin: Oil is quite essential as it penetrates to the deep layers of your skin and restores the skin’s natural barrier. Add few drops of the essential oils like almond or jojoba to your bath to nourish your skin.

Don’t lick: Dr Anup feels as the lips don’t produce sebum, they dry very quickly. Try to look for an oil-based product instead of wax-based as they will help in healing the chapped lips.

No blow dry: The hot air from your blow dryer dries off your scalp and might irritate your skin too. Go for the tousled look or wavy style and give your blow dryer a break this season.