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More than a hundred people took part in Yoga in the Metro Night organized by the Moscow Metropolitan, together with the Indian Embassy in Moscow, on Saturday night.

The organizers chose the Novoslobodskaya station for its rich decor, saying that it echoes with the vibrant Indian culture.

“The students and teachers of the cultural center did a great job and the interiors of Novoslobodskaya turned out to be a perfect backdrop,” photographer Alina Keshich, who captured the event on camera, told RT.

“Metro is not the friendliest place, even the one as beautiful as Moscow’s, and to practice there something that harmonizes the body and spirit, moreover at night – it’s very unusual!” she added.

“Yoga is very popular in India and events like this help promote the art of yoga in Russia,” said India’s ambassador to the Russian Federation P. S. Raghavan.

A combination of physical, mental and spiritual practices, yoga is best known in the West as a form of physical training, a variety of Hatha Yoga.

There have been debates on how old the practice is, with the number of 5,000 years commonly used. Specialists, however, argue that the yoga we know today is merely 100 years old.