Welcome to CancerQuest.

The development of CancerQuest began in 1998 after my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. After attending some of her support group meetings, I realized that many of the patients did not understand cancer or possess the information they needed to make informed decisions about their treatment.

CancerQuest was designed to present an overview of both normal and cancer biology. While we know that most of our visitors are looking for cancer-related information, I believe it is important to provide information about how normal cells work. After all, it would be difficult to repair a car if you don’t understand how cars are supposed to work.

One reason that I decided to create CancerQuest was that many sites on the Internet present information without documenting their sources. This can result in misleading or even fraudulent claims. All material on CancerQuest is based on scientific literature that our viewers can verify and investigate for themselves.

Working with partners around the globe, we are working to reach as many people as possible with relevant and helpful information. We are always looking for new, interesting ways to present cancer information and welcome your feedback and suggestions.

We hope that you find CancerQuest useful and easy to use.


Gregg M. Orloff, Ph.D.
Director, CancerQuest