In summer, we usually don’t prefer going out in the hot weather because the hot sun rays and rough weather will make our skin tan. Exposing our body to the sun rays makes it tan and change the natural color of the skin. Some people do not like the tanning and found for the remedies to remove the suntan. We see people covering their face from the scarf or wearing the face mask, applying sunscreen to protect the skin from getting tanned.

But there are other people as well who love the tan skin and to get the sun-kissed glow they spend hours and hours on a beach under the hot sun rays. Going to pool or beach, soaking up rays to get the golden skin color is not the only method to get the tan skin. There are other artificial methods as well as applying lotions, spray, etc. tanning peptide is also one of the artificial methods other than these, and it is becoming popular in the crowd.

How does tanning happen?

We all know that Sun rays emit UV rays and these rays change our skin color. When we expose our body to sun rays, only two types of UV radiation reach to our body-UVA & UVB. Ultraviolet B rays cause sunburns by burning the skin’s upper layers called epidermis. Ultraviolet A rays make the skin tan by penetrating to the skin’s lower layers and trigger the melanocytes cell that produces melanin. Melanin is a pigment of brown color that causes tanning. It also protects the body from burning.

People with darker skin like you see in Africa, and other hot countries have more melanin that those living in moderate and cold countries. It is found that the people with darker skin color are less prone to skin problems and cancer, but it does not mean that they are completely immune from the skin cancer.

This is the reason why people spend hours under the hot sun rays to get the darker skin or tan skin. But don’t think that through this method you can reduce the risk of skin problems. Thus, the only answer is to stay away from the sun.

But, if you stay in your home then how will you get the golden or darker skin. Remedy to this problem is to use artificial tanning methods. What is this tanning method? Why is artificial tanning best? We will give you the answer in the following paragraphs.

Artificial tanning

It’s just a method where you don’t expose the skin to the sun but still get the desired tan color of skin. Since your skin is not baked under the natural sun rays (UVA and UVB) therefore it is known as artificial tanning. The technology has made progress in finding an artificial and effective way to get a darker color of skin. As we read, that melanin is responsible for the darker color of skin; hence scientist using this concept prepared some tanning peptide, lotions, sprays and tanning beds to produce more melanin in the body.

Tanning beds are nothing but the flat bed on which the person has to lie down, and the artificial UV rays coming from the light lamps will make the skin tan. The lamps that are used in the beds are fully certified and tested in the laboratory so that they do not produce any adverse effects on the body.

Tanning lotions and sprays are considered as the easiest and fastest method of tanning. They are available in the market, and one can easily use it at home without going to a salon. Tanning beds are the expensive method of artificial tanning, and hence tanning lotions and sprays are preferred by most. But creams and sprays do not last for months, and thus tanning peptide is the best solution to get the more prolonged effect.

About MT2- melanotan 2 peptide

Melanotan 2 peptide is the tanning peptide that was introduced as the pills to reduce skin cancer. As per the study, it shows that this peptide not only helps in reducing skin cancer but it also increases the production of melanin. Thus, it makes the skin color dark that gives the similar effect of the suntan. It is dubbed by the name ‘barbie drug’ and has become a phenomenon tanning product.

It is useful in achieving the sunless tan, and many online stores offer this tanning peptide which is not only famous among the bodybuilders but also among the celebrities and common people. Many suppliers all over the world are selling this peptide thus to get is not a big problem for those who wish the sunless tan. It comes in a vacuum sealed 10 mg glass vials.

Initiate the process by spending some time under the sun-bed and then take the Melanotan 2 peptide. Take it on the regular basis to achieve the desired skin color. There are other ways as well to take this peptide. Tanning injection is one such which is becoming popular across the internet. Mix the MT2 or Melanotan 2 peptide with bacteriostatic water that comes with the vacuum sealed vial. Using a syringe extract some portion of the MT2 and then apply the injection to the fatty tissue (e.g., belly area).

This process gives faster result and thus is very popular. The proportion of MT2 that a person requires depends on the body type of that person.

  • Skin type 1- extremely fair skin people should take 30 mg.
  • Skin type 2 fair skins people should also take 30 mg of MT2.
  • Skin type 3- medium skin color people that tan always should take 10-20 mg.
  • Skin type 4- olive skin people should take only 10 mg of dose.

Don’t take the complete dose at once, it is dangerous. However, if you are not sure about the process and dose then take advice from dermatologists or switch to other methods of artificial tanning. Tan lotions and sprays are the best methods for such people.

Tanning using MT2 last for more than 2-3 months and thus people who desired the tan skin for the longest time can prefer this method. It is 10x faster and safe method, and you can achieve tanning as per your desire.