When it comes to losing weight, many people struggle with the lower portion of the stomach. Whether you are in the process of losing your last five pounds or you’ve always considered it to be a problem area, getting rid of your lower stomach can feel like a challenge that can’t be won. No matter how difficult it may seem however, losing that abdominal pouch is not an impossible mission. With the right motivation, knowledge and most importantly patience, you can have the flat stomach that you’ve always dreamed of.

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Reassess the foods that you eat. If you aren’t putting the right types of food into your body no amount of physical exercise will rid you of your lower belly. Cut out or decrease the amount of refined or processed carbohydrates that you consume, such as pasta, white rice, white sugar and white bread. Eliminate junk and fast foods from your diet. Abstain from eating three to four hours before going to bed at night. Eliminate or drastically reduce alcoholic beverages that cause bloating and are empty calories.

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Workout daily to lose lower belly fat. The first thought that naturally comes to mind when you think of your stomach and exercise, is to do crunches or some form of sit-ups. While those exercises will help to tone your stomach after you’ve lost weight, they won’t help you to lose the fat that is stored in your abdomen. Instead incorporate exercise techniques that will get your heart pumping and will utilize your muscles to help burn off fat. Walking, for example, is a simple form of exercise that does not require that you join a gym or participate in group exercises. Another benefit of walking daily is that you can take that walk during a lunch hour at work, early in the mornings or evenings.

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Utilize the services of a personal trainer. Working on your lower stomach is difficult and for some people, without the proper encouragement and instruction, it may become a short journey. Hire a personal trainer to guide you in the best way to lose the stomach fat the right way. If you are unable to hire a personal trainer for a long duration, ask him to devise a plan that you can easily follow at home.

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Consider having surgery on your stomach. For some people it’s just a matter of genetics and no matter how much exercise you do, your stomach isn’t going to get as flat as you want it to. Although you will still need to exercise post-surgery, having liposuction or a tummy-tuck is an alternative, albeit drastic, method of getting rid of your problem area. Ask your doctor if this is a viable option for you and request a referral to a surgeon that he recommends.

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