Knowing where to go for different health issues, treatments, and procedures can be a headache. Fortunately, Health Care Clinics can provide a wide range of services to patients and their families in one convenient location. As an example,  is a health care clinic that acts as a one-stop-shop for medical care.

Wellness Checkups

If it’s time for you or your children to have a checkup or physical exam, a health care clinic is more than up to the task. For times when you’re not feeling well, a nagging cough or cold that won’t quit, or a sinus infection, for example, a physician or care provider can examine you at a health care clinic, often without an appointment.

In some cases, health care clinics also offer physical therapy and women’s health and wellness services including obstetrics and contraception.

Urgent Care

Many health care clinics provide urgent care services as well. A health care clinic is not an emergency room designed to handle severe wounds, injuries, heart attacks, or strokes. It is, however, set up to assist when you have more than just a cold or low fever. It is a popular alternative for after hour issues that are not life-threatening.

If you think you have strep throat, the flu, or a non-life threatening allergic reaction, urgent care can provide service without the price of an emergency room visit. Usually, patients are just responsible for their standard insurance co-pay.

Minor Medical Procedures

Health care clinics are also able to provide minor medical procedures such as vaccinations and immunizations, stitches (and stitch removal), burn treatment, and help with skin issues such as abscess incisions and drainage.

As you can see, a health care clinic covers a huge range of medical needs and can provide care for numerous health issues. Before researching specialists, see if a health care clinic near you can help you with what you and your family need.