Handy, travel-friendly pouches from SoulTree

//Handy, travel-friendly pouches from SoulTree

The pouch is made of laminated jute with a layer of biodegradable plastic fused to one side of the material, to provide some durability. The SoulTree logo is screen printed by hand using high quality water-based, eco-friendly inks.


  • Easy to use – can be hung or sit on a base
  • Convenient to travel with – slim & compact to fit in luggage
  • Carries all essentials for Face, Hair & Skin


For the Face:

30ml Turmeric Face Wash: Organic Turmeric combined with fresh extracts of Indian Rose, Aloe and forest Honey makes this a moisturising face wash that keeps skin clean and naturally soft. Regular use keeps your skin clear, supple and fragrant.

For the Body:

30ml Indian Rose & Vetiver Shower Gel: Organically cultivated Indian Rose known for its skin smoothening qualities is collected at dawn to make pure rose water. It is then blended with the cooling extracts of Vetiver (Khus) and luscious Aloe to make this aromatic āyurvedic bath gel, a soap-free, soothing and skin toning cleanser.

30ml Apricot Oil & Kokum Butter Moisturiser: Wholesome hydration & goodness for the body, is offered to you in a delicate amalgamation of Apricot Oil, Honey and Kokum Butter. This fragrant non-sticky lotion is easily absorbed in the skin and gives it the needed nourishment.

For Hair:

30ml Triphala with Conditioning Henna Shampoo:  This revitalising shampoo is made from the goodness of ayurveda of Triphala (three fruits), fresh extracts of Aamla, Bhibitaki and Haritaki infuse their nourishment into this shampoo. Regular use prevents damage, premature hair loss, and leaves hair naturally clean