Many men strive to get flat stomachs. The key is to firm up the abs and obliques, or side muscles, through exercise and to eat leaner foods. Lean foods can include tuna, chicken, turkey, nuts like almonds, spinach and oatmeal. You should also do cardio exercises, such as walking or using the treadmill or exercise bike, to burn excess calories and fat, according to Additionally, work your abs three or four days per week.

Chair Sit-Ups

  • Chair sit-ups can be performed on a Roman chair at the gym or regular chair at home. At home, turn your chair sideways so the back of the chair is to your right or left. Brace your feet under the bottom part of your bed. Start in a sitting position with your hands behind your head. Inhale as you lower your upper body back until your body is parallel to the ground. Exhale as you sit straight up. Do three sets of 10 repetitions. Chair sit-ups are more difficult than regular sit-ups and target the abs directly.


  • Crunches can be performed to work your lower abs. Lie on a carpet or mat. Keep both feet on the floor with your knees bent and pointed upward. Place your hands beside your temples and slowly lift your shoulders and upper back off the floor, tightening your lower abs at the top of the movement. Hold that position for a couple seconds, then lower yourself back down. Do three sets of 10 to 15 repetitions.

Russian Twist

  • The Russian twist is a good exercise for working your external obliques to the side of your abs. Start by holding a 25-pound weight plate on your lap. Keep your knees bent and plant both feet on the mat or ground as you lean backward to about 45 degrees. Slowly twist your body to the right as you point the weight plate in that direction, as if you are holding the steering wheel of a car. Twist your body to the left and extend the weight outward in that direction. Do 10 repetitions, with a twist to the right and left counting as one rep. Perform one to three sets of this exercise.

Lying Bicycle Twist

  • Lie on a mat or carpet with both hands behind your head. Extend your left leg out at a 45-degree angle as you move your right knee toward your chest. Simultaneously twist your body by pointing your left elbow toward your extended left leg. Quickly twist your body the other way and extend your right elbow, as you straighten your right leg out at 45 degrees and pull your left knee in. Do these movements relatively quickly as if you are pedaling a bicycle upside down. Do three or four sets of 15 to 30 repetitions, with a full movement to the left and right counting as one repetition.