Many who practice the art of yoga also live its inherent philosophies. As much as the practice of yoga is an art itself, it also serves as inspiration to the artistic creativity of Philadelphia’s Allison Krosnick.

Krosnick recently launched Hand-Painted Yoga, an artist yogi’s interpretation of yoga philosophy. Pairing aphorisms with abstract watercolors, Krosnick collaborates with yoga teacher Emile Sorger to offer a series of art prints, posters, calendars, journals, and greeting cards that inspire and elevate consciousness.

With phrases like “Let Go” and “Beyond Fear there is Joy,” Hand-Painted Yoga encourages conscious awareness and living with intention, which can be a welcome relief to the aggressive, nonstop work environment many people live in.

“Yoga is so much more than a physical practice,” said Krosnick. “Yoga philosophies have balanced my life. I have used the energy from these grounding, uplifting messages to create art that can provide a positive influence in the lives of others.”

Yoga is a pervasive force that stretches across the world during a time when humans are looking for a space to connect to something bigger than the daily grind. Rooted in ancient wisdom, while remaining relevant and vital to modern culture, yoga philosophies offer inspiration that connect to yogis and non practitioners alike.