Final Fantasy IX to Be Released for Android, iOS, and PC

One of most well-loved entries in the long-running Final Fantasy series of video games, Final Fantasy IX will be released for Android, iOS, and PC. The news comes via an announcement from publisher Square Enix. Right now the company confirmed that it will come to your smartphone and computer in 2016 for Japan.

While no timeframe or date has been announced for other territories, it’s safe to say a release outside Japan will follow. This is because each and every Final Fantasy port was eventually launched internationally. Square Enix stated that since its release on the original PlayStation back in 2000, the game has sold over five million copies. The game has been available digitally to play on the PS3, PSP, and PS Vita, albeit as a straight up port of the PS1 version. This time around, it’s been updated.

Much like Final Fantasy VII on iOS and PC, Final Fantasy IX will have achievements, auto-save mode, and game boosting features. Furthermore, it will borrow from Final Fantasy VII on the PS4 and Final Fantasy VIII on the PC by adding high speed mode which lets you skip cut-scenes, battles, and more. Surprisingly, Final Fantasy VIII never made it to mobile.

Though system specifications haven’t been announced, it’s safe to say Final Fantasy IX will run on most PCs. Android gamers will need a device with Android 4.1 or later while those on iOS will require at least an iPhone 5S or a fourth generation iPad at the very least with iOS 7.0 or later according to the game’s website.

Final Fantasy IX had a fresh setting and a surprisingly endearing roster of characters. It was a throwback to the earlier games in the series that were rooted in a fantasy setting, striking a chord with many a gamer considering that the last two entries in the series prior to it – Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII – took place in a modern backdrop.