It is often said that regular facials can hamper your skin hence making it loose and dull, but not anymore. A daily skincare regime including regular facials is one of the best ways to ensure that your skin stays healthy and fresh, says an expert.

According to Sangeeta Velaskar, head of medical services at Kaya Skin Clinic, a good facial is the solution of many skin related problems.

“Poor lifestyle choices, pollution, stress and poor diet are taking a toll on us and our skin each day. One must seek out ways to reverse this damage in the most effective manner. A daily skincare regime, regular facials is one of the best ways to ensure that your skin stays healthy and fresh.

“Whether you’re tired and run-down, experiencing breakouts or merely in need of a skin treat, a good facial is the perfect way to make yourself look and feel much better,” Velaskar told IANS post a session at the brand’s outlet in the Capital.

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The brand has launched four facials for the festive season and one of it was the Everyday Radiance facial that promises to liberate your facial skin from every day’s pollution, fatigue and stress. The treatment cleanses moisturizes and re-vitalizes the skin across a one hour course of facial routine.

Also, the facial comes in a wide range of customized variants that amply nourish your skin giving it essential skin nutrients for instance Insta Glow has the richness of exotic marine extracts known to work on wryness and give glow to your skin instantly. Purifying Tea Tree Oil, popular as the ‘miracle healer’ of related skin problems, imparts the essentials of forest-fresh herbs and oils into your skin.

Last but not the least rejuvenating Cocoa is enriched with Vitamin A and anti-oxidants that helps in moisturizing your skin and renews its natural glow.

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For those who have stronger skin problems such as persistent acne, the experts recommend opting for a facial that has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, such as those found in a natural organic peel made from Acetic Acid (vinegar) – known as Black Peel.

The expert also suggests that “It is best to opt for facials which are specifically designed to offer a unique experience, using powerful exfoliation-nourishing sequences and potent actives.”

“One must ensure that facials are performed, by trained professional beauty therapists, to ensure a safe and efficacious skincare treatment,” she said.