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30 Day Yoga Challenge : Day 3 – Gomukhasana with Eagle Arms

Gomukhasana with eagle arms is great for people with tight hips and shoulders. If this is too challenging for you, you can put a cushion or block under your hips to lift them higher and alleviate pressure from your knees. Other options:

How To Let Go of Insecurities and Love Yourself No Matter What

Begin by becoming aware of what you say to yourself every day. What is the automatic mantra that plays in your mind? The list may look something like this: I’m not good enough, I made bad decisions, I’m too fat, I’m

Summer Detox with Yoga Twists

The onset of summer is a fantastic time to add a little detox yoga to your regular routine. As the temperature rises, releasing toxins from the body also releases heat and inflammation. The healthier our digestion, our circulation, and our elimination,