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Jada Pinkett Smith Says Steroid Injections Are Helping Manage Her Hair Loss

When Jada Pinkett Smith recently opened up about her battle with hair loss, the news was unexpected for a number of fans. While we did notice the actress had been wearing head wraps more frequently, we figured it was purely a fashion choice. During

Lotus 39 Anti-Hair Loss Treatment Garners Positive Response from Amazon Customers

The Lotus 39 anti-hair loss treatment developed by Ioan Valentin, CEO of Valentino de Salva, has come to fruition after years of painstaking research. The scientist recently made the formula available on Amazon and the response has been overwhelming, with individuals coming forward

Jada Pinkett Smith reveals hair-loss battle – why does this happen?

Actress Jada Pinkett Smith has opened up about her struggle with alopecia (hair loss) in her Facebook chat show, Red Table Talk. The Gotham star said she was losing “handfuls of hair” in the shower. “It was one of those times in my life