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Many cancer patients juggle care along with financial pain

Josephine Rizo survived chemotherapy, surgery and radiation, but breast cancer treatment wrecked her finances. Money was already tight when doctors told the Phoenix resident she had an aggressive form of the disease. Then she took a pay cut after going on

Viruses reprogrammed to attack cancer

Viruses are small, rapidly replicating, infectious agents that can only survive within the cells of other organisms. They can be found in every ecosystem on earth and can infect all lifeforms. Capable of causing thousands of conditions — from the common

Kids raised in ultra-clean homes face greater risk of leukemia: study

RAISING kids in ultra-clean homes increases their risk of developing the most common form of childhood cancer, a major review found. Failing to breastfeed, giving birth via C-section and cocooning babies away from other tots also make it more likely. Acute