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Remote-Controlled Nanospears Will Attack Cancer Cells

Delivering gene therapy exactly, precisely to where it needs to go has long been a struggle. But one group of researchers seems to have figured out exactly how: by shooting a nanospear within the body. A recent study in the journal American Chemical Society Nano describes a

Taking Pictures Helps Young People Living With Cancer

At 15 years of age, American Madeline Morales has lived through experiences most young people do not have to deal with. Morales has faced cancer. She has used anti-cancer drugs and radiation treatments to fight the disease. But she is hopeful

Digital rectal examination for prostate cancer by GPs ‘unnecessary’, finds study

GPs should urgently refer patients with prostate cancer symptoms regardless of their digital rectal examination results, a new study has suggested. Researchers from Hull York Medical School found that many men diagnosed with prostate cancer do not have an abnormal DRE