A loved one is about to have a birthday and you want to send them a gift by mail. You pick the perfect present and put it in a box to ship. However, will the postal service take your package? There are certain regulations in place to keep postal workers and the sender and recipient safe. Here are a few things that should probably stay at home.

Anything Flammable

If your cousin loves the newest shade of nail polish on the market. Rather than attempting to send the bottle to her, give her a gift card to a local salon. Things that are flammable, such as alcohol, paints, perfumes, batteries, and so on can be dangerous if something were to happen to the box it was sent in. If you do have to ship something with a flashpoint, you might want to consider dangerous goods packaging and hire a professional company to handle it.

Things That Can Spoil

The postal service does not have any type of climate control where they store items in transit. The chocolate chip cookies that you want to send to your grandmother may spoil, melt or be crushed before they arrive. This not only goes for edible items but plants as when. There are many companies online that sell goodies and flowers then ensure their safe delivery. You should consider ordering from them and let them handle the delivery.

Scratch Offs

Lottery tickets aren’t regulated by the postal service, but they are managed by your state’s lottery office. There is a good chance that there are restrictions where your relative lives against the games being transported across state lines. In many cases, you must be present to claim your prize if you win and the trip might not be worth it to your loved one to cash in a ten dollar scratch-off ticket.