There are several reasons for having chronic pain in the ankles or feet, and this problem can lead to having discomfort in the back, hips or knees. Fortunately, there are foot and ankle clinic Orlando FL specialists who can examine your ankles and feet to diagnose a condition. After learning about the types of problems that you have, it is possible to plan a course of treatments to improve the condition or to overcome the discomfort.

What Are the Conditions That Affect Your Ankles and Feet?

Your feet or ankles undergo a lot of wear and tear, leading to problems with the body parts’ muscles, bones or tendons. In many cases, you can have one or more problems, but a podiatrist can provide an assortment of remedies. Some of the conditions that can affect your feet and ankles include having bunions, hammertoes or heel spurs. When your feet have a problem, the pain will radiate into your ankles, making it difficult to walk normally.

How Are Foot and Ankle Problems Diagnosed?

To diagnose a problem with the foot or ankle, a podiatrist must collect medical images to see the interior portions of the body parts. With an X-ray, a podiatrist can see if there is a fracture in a bone or a problem with a joint’s cartilage. It is possible to have a fracture in one of the smaller bones of the feet without realizing it, and if this bone heals incorrectly, then your feet and ankles won’t move in the proper way.

Types Of Treatments For the Ankles and Feet

A podiatrist can prescribe medications such as pain relievers or antibiotics to reduce pain and eliminate an infection, but he can also provide antifungal medications for athlete’s foot. If you have a problem with the muscles in your feet, then a podiatrist is able to order customized orthotics such as pads for the soles of the feet. By wearing these items in your shoes, you will have less pain and inflammation, giving your body a chance to heal your feet and ankles naturally.