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Even though your heart and lungs are really important organs, your skin is actually the largest organ of your body. Ironically, it’s one of the organs that gets the least attention. When you drink water, your body makes sure that the internal organs get the benefits before the skin does. Granted, you want your internal organs to get the nutrients they need to continue working. However, you don’t want to neglect your skin either. Consider these six simple ways you can work on your skin this summer and help it glow.

1. Masks
Pick out facial masks that target your specific needs. If you have acneic skin, find clay masks. If you have really dry skin, consider using sheet masks that help to lock in the moisture. Because masks tend to have so many beneficial ingredients, consider applying masks on a daily basis. Make it a part of your bedtime routine. After you’ve washed your face, apply a mask for fifteen minutes. Make sure the pores are open before you apply the mask. This will make the process more effective. Consider alternating between facial masks and sheet masks to give your skin some variety.

2. Steaming
If you visit YouTube and take a look at a video of a dermatologist extracting blackheads, you’ll see that it’s a process that takes a while. It’s important to get all of the filament, oil and dirt within the pores. When blackheads form, the skin has been clogged for a while. Regularly steam the skin to avoid the build-up. Try to steam the skin twice a week. Once you’ve opened up the pores with steam, use gloves to stretch the skin. As you gently stretch the skin, it’ll be easier for any build-up to come out on the surface.

3. Protection
One of the main causes of skin cancer is a lack of protection from the sun. It doesn’t matter if it’s the wintertime or summertime. Always wear sunscreen. While Vitamin D is good for you, too much of it can really damage the skin. Find moisturizers that work perfectly with your skin type and slather it on every single day. This practice will also protect you from developing wrinkles, age spots and moles too early.

4. Nutrition
There are tons of foods that you can consume in order to benefit your skin. For breakfast, enjoy a nice green smoothie that’s filled with lots of spinach. At lunchtime, enjoy a nice piece of wild salmon with a salad. Salmon has lots of Omega-3 fatty acids that help with skin elasticity. At dinnertime, consume grilled chicken or another fish to increase your intake of Zinc. Zinc helps with the sebaceous glands and oil production. Build up the collagen in your skin by eating fruits with lots of Vitamin C inside. To supplement a healthy diet, don’t forget to buy vitamins online like biotin that can improve your skin’s appearance.

5. Moisture
Many people with oily skin make the mistake of skipping the moisturizing step. This is one of the worst mistakes to make because the body will begin to overproduce more oil. Moisture is important no matter what your skin type is. Always moisturize your skin after you’ve washed it. Find a moisturizer that works for your skin type and apply it liberally. Remember to massage the product upward against gravity. As the skin ages, it tends to sag. If you push the skin upward, you’ll be able to give your face a natural lift over time.

6. Exfoliation
You can create your own exfoliating scrub at home or you can purchase one. However, exfoliation is so important. There are so many dead skin cells that shed on a regular basis. You want to make sure they aren’t getting stuck or clogged into the pores. Wash your face and lightly pat it. On damp skin, lightly massage the exfoliating scrub into the skin. After you’ve rinsed off the scrub, your skin will be incredibly smooth. Don’t do this step more than three times a week. You don’t want to scrub your skin until it’s raw.