Yoga for all ages has recently become more popular. Classes are being offered for children as young as five years old all the way to senior citizens. In fact, even yoga for babies has become a new popular yoga style. Baby yoga poses have been shown to reduce crying and the pain associated with gas and pressure that babies frequently experience. In addition, you can learn of some adjustments to your own yoga routine to incorporate your baby. Read on and learn how you can benefit from these baby yoga poses.

For Baby

This pose is called knees to chest. With your baby lying on his back, gently take both feet with your hands. Gently push his feet towards your head, bending his knees into a froglike position as you go. Before continuing, make sure his expression seems happy. Do this several times; this pose is especially helpful in relieving painful gas.

These stretches are great for your baby. Lie your baby down on his back and make eye contact. Hold his feet and move them in circles. Start in one direction and rotate several times. Then, switch and rotate his hips in the other direction. This circular movement can also be done with the arms.

For You and Baby

Tree pose is one of those baby yoga poses that’s excellent for you to complete with your baby. Doing it with baby will increase your strength and balance. In order to complete with your baby, turn your standing foot out wider than usual to give more balance. After placing your lifted foot on the inner thigh of your standing leg, take baby in both hands holding him around the chest. Let him rest on the lifted leg, facing outwards. Holding this additional weight will be an excellent reminder to keep your arms firm and your shoulders and collarbones rounded down.

This pose should only be done if your baby can hold his head up on his own. Start out sitting on the floor and bring your yoga ball in between your turned in feet. Place your baby on top of the ball and give him a couple of bounces up and down while securely holding him around the torso. This bouncing motion triggers a calming reflex in the baby, and they quite like it. And now, for you: while gently bouncing baby you can work on opening up your hip and tightening your core, while moving your baby and the ball in low circles. Make sure that you are not bending too much, to avoid a curved spine.