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Sure, you carve out time for yoga regularly — but the ancient practice can benefit your youngster, too.

Nearly 2 million kids ages 4 to 17 channeled their inner yogis between 2007 and 2012, according to a study by the National Institutes of Health.

So we talked to Susan Verde, the author of “I Am Yoga,” a kids book on the practice, about why kids should get their Om on:

1. Self-confidence

“Yoga is a noncompetitive way of moving the body and challenging yourself,” Verde says. “Getting into the poses makes kids feel expansive and strong without striving for perfection.”

2. Connection

“Connecting to their own bodies, breath and feelings allows kids to take a pause they usually don’t get, as they’re constantly going,” Verde says. “Practicing together, the parent-child bond strengthens, as you are prioritizing time for each other.”

3. Focus

“Becoming aware of how a pose feels, and how one’s mood and emotions are in a moment, fosters an ability to focus,” says Verde. “Improved concentration often spreads to academics and test taking.”

4. Movement

“Yoga is exercise and improves energy, blood circulation and flexibility,” Verde says. “It may be more appealing for children who don’t like sports — you don’t have to prove anything.”

5. Creativity

“Yoga taps into imagination. Children really become whatever they’re posing as — whether it’s a tree or a dog. Journaling or drawing after class continues to open up channels of creativity,” says Verde.