Gomukhasana with eagle arms is great for people with tight hips and shoulders.

If this is too challenging for you, you can put a cushion or block under your hips to lift them higher and alleviate pressure from your knees.

Other options: If the arm bind isn’t happening yet, just press one arm across your chest and stretch your rear deltoid a that way. As it opens up, you will be able to do this.

Keep your knees stacked in one line if you can

The further the feet are from your hips the deeper the stretch will be.

Keep your spine long and the crown of your head lifted.

Breath deeply. 10-20 breaths on each side if you can.

Gomukhasana with eagle arms should help you release tension from your hips and shoulders  Try it and see how it goes for you!

NOTE: Don’t stay in this pose if it hurts, especially if you have a knee injury.