Virginia and North Carolina to share prescription drug database information

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North Carolina has joined a network of 22 states that share database information with Virginia pertaining to prescription drugs.

Gov. Ralph Northam announced Wednesday that prescription drug data from Virginia’s Prescription Monitoring Program and North Carolina’s Substance Reporting System, RxSentry, will now be available to doctors and pharmacists in either state.

The monitoring program collects prescription medication data on drugs that are labeled schedule II and higher. The system helps those in medical disciplines monitor controlled substance use and abuse, and gives law enforcement historical data when they are investigating crimes related to prescription drugs.

“As a physician, I know all too well the difference timely access to full healthcare records of vulnerable patients makes, especially when people live in one state and are treated in another,” Northam said.

“As we continue to battle the opioid addiction crisis in Virginia and across the country, the Prescription Monitoring Program is an important tool for health care providers to monitor prescriptions,” he added.

Other states that share their database information with Virginia include border states like Maryland, Kentucky Tennessee and Delaware, as well as Washington D.C.