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New Clinical Trial Aims To Detect Cancer With A Quick Breathalyzer Test

Victoria Forster Contributor Healthcare Cancer research scientist and childhood cancer survivor. A new breath test for cancer is being evaluated in a clinical trial involving 1,500 people.Owlstone Medical Ltd Nowadays ‘liquid biopsies,’ the notion of detecting cancer using only a blood

Trial to test cancer combo in both adults and children

SeluDex is the first clinical trial to be launched through the Combinations Alliance – a joint initiative between Cancer Research UK and the Experimental Cancer Medicine Centres (ECMC) Network – that will include both adults and children. The study will be

The Sugar-Free Diet – Diets On Trial

The Theory For most people, “sugar-free” means the refined kind – found in bread, pasta and cereal, as well as little paper packets in Costa. True devotees try to ditch even fructose – the sugar found in fruit – but we’re