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First read: Kanishk Tharoor’s short stories show that India has an original new voice

15.9K Total Views As both a refugee and a wife, Forough learnt new customs. One of them had to do with wishes. Every time Jonas spotted a stray eyelash on her face, he would rush to place it on the tip

Here’s why odd-even hasn’t brought down Delhi’s pollution

Photo Credit: KYODO Kyodo/Reuters 11.5K Total Views North Korea’s announcement that it had successfully tested a hydrogen bomb was met with shock and surprise around the world – but there have been months of indications that something in just this vein

What does the ‘male gaze’ mean, and what about a female gaze?

30.6K Total Views The “gaze” is a term that describes how viewers engage with visual media. Originating in film theory and criticism in the 1970s, the gaze refers to how we look at visual representations. These include advertisements, television programs and