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Zimbabwe latest news live: Developments as Emmerson Mnangagwa set to be sworn in as new president after Robert Mugabe’s resignation

, 93, announced his resignation in the middle of impeachment proceedings against him on Tuesday. The country erupted into scenes of joy, with cheering and dancing in the streets going on late into the night as people celebrated the end of

Eat more green leafy vegetables & fruits to live longer, reduce risk of heart failure

Here’s another reason to eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes, as according to scientists, a plant-based diet may help to reduce the risk of a deadly heart failure. According to the study, people who eat more fruits and vegetables are

Fire Up That Weight Loss: 10 Fool Proof Ways

Eat this, eat that, drink this, do that. When it comes to losing weight, it seems everyone has a tip or two. If you are on a weight loss spree or are even remotely aware of what it takes to lose