Cyware – A Cyber Security Mobile Application that makes you Cyber Aware

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The cyber threat landscape is changing at a rapid pace – be in terms of sophistication, executing the campaigns, social engineering innocentinternet users. Combatting these attacks before it takes a dangerous form is themain concern. Things have changed, and technologyis changing; and we must change along with them! Earlier, by implementing suggested safety measures, and securing devices throughantivirus was goodenough to keep hackers away. But,recent changes in the technology and with highly sophisticated attacks, no matter how secure strong networks are, bad actors always find ways to get into the systems -and it is through us!

Cybercriminals adopt different tricks and techniques like phishing, fake voice calling, social engineeringand other such online scams, to trickusers into downloading malware and the deadly Trojans onto their laptops and smartphones. Users ought to understand that security protocols work for our own safety and betterment and surpassing these features invite trouble. Most of us feel irritated to wait for few seconds to get OTP (One Time Password) and entering these digits while making payments onlineand accessing our online accounts. We do not want to keep difficult passwords because it is hard to remember and atthe same time we use same passwords for all accounts – be it internet banking or Facebook login.Alsowe do not have enough patience to wait till our system completes the scan of the external devices that we connect to our system and we access themwithout verification. These are the basic cyber hygiene, which we ought to follow, but we are not ready for it and give cyber criminals a chance to steal our money, sensitive data and what not. Followinggood cyber hygiene acts as a protective layer from cyber attacks.However, one need not spend long hours, effort and money over it. They can simply download Cyware – the first of its kind cyber situational awareness platform.

Cyware is a cyber security app designed specifically to encourage end users to be cyber aware. Cyber awareness is being informative about what is happeningin the cyber security world -like new malware attacks, new cyber attack techniques implemented by cyber criminals -and knowing how to tackle them. To make this possible, Cyware presents latest news and updates in a crisp form, which allows userto gain knowledge in a short span of time. The Cywareapp is available on both Android and iOS platform. It also provides suggestions and tips on how to safeguard various gadgets such assmartphones and laptops, and how to secure thesocial media accounts and netbanking platforms from hackers.

Above all, compared to general internet users, it is organizations that face more danger from insider threats, thanexternal threats. It means, consumers and employees, due to theirlack of cyber knowledge acts as vulnerabilities for organizational security. Unless employees start implementing cyber awareness and stringent cyber security measures, the endpoints aka consumers and employeeswon’t be secure. To improve cyber defenses, companiesshould mainlyfocus on removing vulnerabilities from both individual’s perspective and deviceperspective. And to achieve this, companies ought to payattention towards making their employees and customers more cyber aware. No matter what your profession is, or how much you use the internet; you can be a potential target for cyber criminals. With Cyware Enterprise, now organizations can integrate cyber situationalawareness and incident reporting features to ramp up their security posture. Download the Cywareapp and start following it to stayastep ahead ofcyber criminals and keep yourself secure from cyber attacks, data breaches and other threats.

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